Девушка дня. Мерседес Террелл — сексуальная ринг-герл из промоушена Bellator


Выносить таблички между раундами – ее призвание.

Девушка дня. Мерседес Террелл — сексуальная ринг-герл из промоушена Bellator

Ринг-герлз — девушки, которые выходят на ринг с табличками-анонсами раундов в некоторых видах спорта (бокс, смешанные боевые искусства, кикбоксинг).

Впервые появились в 1965 году в журнале Ring, который опубликовал фотографию модели из Лас-Вегаса с табличкой на боксерском поединке.

Из-за того, что ринг-герлз критиковались за чересчур откровенные наряды, превращающие спорт в стрип-шоу, с 2015 года в российском боксе им предписана более скромная одежда. В российской лиге ACA они вообще отсутствуют.

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Headed into @TheForum for tonight’s @BellatorMMA fights tonight!! This card is stacked!! Who you got?! We kick off live on YouTube at 4:30pm PST and on @DAZN_USA at 7pm PST! We’re also live on @SkySports in the UK and @MundoESPN in Brazil!

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Who’s gonna take this home on Saturday?!? Excited to see the @bellatormma debut of @criscyborg , she’s a warrior who inspires people in and out of the cage. She’ll be challenging an equally fierce woman in @championjewel, who’s undefeated for nearly a decade! This goes down Saturday night at the @theforum in Los Angeles and LIVE on @dazn_usa! #Bellator238

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SWIPE ↔️ for a little Instagram vs. Reality moment.?… battling the wind, and the onlookers to grab a photo in my @bellatormma bikini and robe in order to promote tonight’s fights! Watch on @paramountnetwork & @dazn_usa starting at 9p/8p CT! See you there.??? . ? @lucasnoonan ? #KeepITREALISH edits: increase vibrancy, colored up the sky, smoothed clothing imprint lines on body

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We SALUTE!!! ?? Tonight is @bellatormma & @theuso ‘s SALUTE the TROOPS fight night and I’m soooooo excited to be here in Hawaii doing the damn thang!!! Hope you guys are tuned in! ❤️?? We are going live on YouTube now with the prelims, then the main card starts on @paramountnetwork at 10/9CT. It’s gonna be EPIC. ? . #bellatorhawaii #bellatoruso #bellatorsalutes . ?: @thefoxidentity ? #KeepItREALISH edits: removed belly button piercing hole, smoothed neck lines and face, added logos to bikini and background

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Just yesterday, someone commented on one of my wacky vids that they were unfollowing me because, having originally followed me “for the sexy photos I post in exotic locations”. They’d witnessed some of the new content I’ve been posting and noted that much of it made them uncomfortable. ? I replied and let them know that my content isn’t gonna be for everyone, and invited them to give my podcast a listen. They did. And they replied that, after listening, they realized that their initial resistance was actually related to a dated idea(probably learned early in their life) of what an attractive woman “should” be ~*: a trophy, with small words, and wide eyes…. ? With this extraordinary self-discovery they decided to continue following my account, but most importantly, they opened a part of themselves, that although uncomfortable, will undoubtedly allow them to heal, not only something in themselves that’s been waiting for their attention, but also in the society we all live in. ? This moment, where someone lets the light in, gives the rest of us a chance to bathe in that shine. And with that, the work I’m doing is made fully worth it. Thank you to that brave soul for breaking through. ? HELL YEAH! You Already Are. ? #BeALight @theMAJicHour . ? #KeepItREALISH edits: brightened photo

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I’ve been struggling with overeating lately… Don’t freak out! I’m not calling myself fat. I’m not saying that my body isn’t where I want it to be… I’ve just been noticing that when I eat lately it’s more than I need to feel full and I often end up feeling stuffed. I used to eat ~* a bird because I was afraid of my digestive system’s response (often being in terrible pain from constipation or diarrhea) but as I’ve finally healed many of my gut issues and no longer have those negative side effects when I overeat, I’ve found myself in this new peculiar dilemma. So, I took some time meditating on why I might be over-indulging, and here’s what came up for me: •Because of previous health issues, I worry that I’m not receiving enough nourishment from my food(this spawns from particular instances for me but also ~*ly has roots in my inability to feel worthy). •When I eat my biggest meal of the day(dinner) it’s usually with my husband and it’s where I get the most quality time and attention from him. Perhaps I relate the full feeling to feeling loved/wanted, or want to prolong the time together by prolonging the meal-eating more(this neediness ~*ly comes from abandonment fears, being shame-bound since early childhood, and codependent tendencies). •Being full mimics the tight stomach feeling of being angry(I’ve read that this can sometimes be a reason people overeat, and it’s usually because there’s unresolved anger that they are holding onto). •I don’t ~* making time for eating, so (perhaps subconsciously) I overeat because I think it’ll extend the time between meals(l don’t make enough time for self-nurturing and self-love, which is rooted in the worthiness issue I mentioned above). . Now that I have some clearer ideas of why I’m overeating I can come up with a plan to address and resolve what issues came up for me. . I mention all of the above in case anyone reading this has noticed any of the same tendencies in themselves. I’d invite you to sit with this some and see what comes up for you. . ? @shove_vone ? #KeepItREALISH edits: increased vibrancy, smoothed skin, brightened photo

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You’re a daisy if yuh do! ? Any of you see my post from a few days ago where a very handsome version of Doc Holiday (?) was trying to give you $100’s of dollars in free money just for interacting with the post? Well, if yuh didn’t, go check it out now! ? I’m gonna be finalizing my winners very soon!! ?? . ? @EricColeman ? #KeepItREALISH edits: unknown

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«You sound ~* you’re from London» – name that movie! Don’t miss @michaelvenompage tonight at #BellatorLondon today starting at 8:30am PST LIVE & FREE on the @bellatormma app! (Full card and link in my story!) Watch on @channel5_tv ?? @virginmediasportie ??

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Two quotes for you to ponder if you dare: 1.“All of western medicine is built on getting rid of pain, which is not the same as healing. Healing is actually the capacity to hold pain.”-Gabor Maté 2.”Yes, sometimes healing is about actively removing pain, but most of the time healing is about the process of not identifying with the pain. It’s about learning how to hold it rather than eliminate it; Because as we learn to be with all of who we are, we find brilliant truth: that our pain is actually the portal into our greatest depths.”-Thais Sky(who we had on @themajichour podcast btw, episode #37 if you’re interested) . Being able to hold pain is largely the idea behind what I call “standing in the grey”, or “seeking the pain for positive gain”. Two concepts which give me guidance in the midst of the common decision we all come up against in our culture all too often: to numb the pain and push it away OR to acknowledge it, find a way to see it for its healing abilities, and allow it to do the work it’s here to do. . WOULD LOVE TO KNOW YOUR THOUGHTS ON THESE THOUGHTS IN THE COMMENTS. . ? @shove_vone ?#KeepItREALISH edits: shrunk my head a bit cuz it looked huge in original pic, smoothed skin(especially large pores on face and bikini area since i haven’t waxed in ages)

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Playin’ round in the fall leaves out here in Connecticut?…looking forward to night #2 of our back to back @bellatormma fights tonight!?? . ? @ericcoleman ? #KeepItREALISH edits: Pic 1: smoothed skin, evened out skin tone, increased vibrancy and highlights. Pic 2: increased vibrancy, and left the rest alone so you could see the difference in skin tone and texture when not edited.

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As you probably know the guards at Buckingham Palace are not supposed to move a muscle. One day one of the guards moved just a bit. The sergeant rushed over and said «George, did I see you flinch?» George replied «Yes sir. You see there was a squirrel in the tree. He ran down the tree across the road then straight up me pants leg.» «I see George» replied the sergeant. «Is that why you flinched?» George replied «No sir. There was another squirrel. He, too, came down the tree across the road and up me leg. So I had two squirrels resting in me crotch.» The sergeant thought for a moment then said «And that’s what made you flinch?» «No sir» said George. «It was when I heard one say, ‘Let’s have one now and save the other for winter.’” ??? . ? @shove_vone ? #KeepItREALISH edits: brightened photo

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? NYC is quickly becoming my second home! ?Excited to be back for #Bellator222 this week at @thegarden !!?? . ? @lucasnoonan ?#KeepItREALISH edits: increased structure and vibrancy and painted the sky purdy

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Dancing my way over to the Allstate Arena here in Chicago for tonight’s #bellator221 fights!! I’m, legit, super excited for tonight’s fights! Such a stacked card! . Catch us on @dazn_usa !! ? . ? @lucasnoonan ? #KeepItREALish edits: increase vibrancy

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Is it weird to anyone else that, in our culture, me wearing a bra that covers more than most of my bikini tops is considered more “risqué” than if I were wearing the latter? WHAT’S THAT ALL ABOUT? . And did you know that in tribes where women don’t cover their breasts, boobs are not seen as anything sexual, and instead showing the upper thigh area(~* what you’d see if someone was wearing a pair of shorts) is considered extremely sexual, and not allowed in public. And of course there are more extremes to this in many places in the world, where showing even your ankles, your hair, or any part of your neck could get you arrested or even burned to death. WHO DO YOU THINK PUT THESE RULES IN PLACE? AND WHY? . At what point in our evolution did we decide that the skin we were born with was something to be judged with such malice? DOES JUDGING OTHERS IN THIS WAY STILL SERVE US? . ? & edits by @jag_visuals ? #KeepItREALish edits: unknown since I didn’t edit this photo myself, but my best guess is: some skin smoothing & whitening my eye-whites.

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